Warranty Information

Warranty on this product is as follows. Should the RETENTION SLUG come off. We will replace the product for you. If there is any sign of tampering with said retention slug, warranty will be void. Should the CAM lock fall out, We will warranty the product. If the sleeve collapses in the LOCKED position, or if the sleeve slides out of the core piece, the product will be warrantied out. Please do not discard any lug nuts as we would like to see how it may have failed. Any sort of tampering via tools will void the product. 

There is no warranty for the chrome or powder coating. Any one will tell you the proper lug nut etiquette is to hand tighten lug nuts. For these reasons we cannot guarantee the surface treatment of the product. We know well enough they are susceptible to being torqued with impact tools. Any issues or concerns please feel free to reach out to us, via email at info@cemalocks.com or on any of our social media platforms. Thank you!